pre·scient /ˈpreSH(ē)ənt/ adjective
having or showing knowledge of events before they take place.


Prescience Is More Than Seeing The Future

It's a state of limitless awareness not restricted by time or space. It is to have presence in all time, in all places, all at once.

Imagine having access to the entire collection of human experience. You see all, feel all. Your visions span from extraordinary future worlds to ancient civilizations. You are a seer of time. Through the backdoor of your mind's eye, you choose your destination, fixate your gaze and all that was hidden no longer remains in question.

Scroll below to see what you will discover in Prescient Visions:

Chapter 1 Mind Storm

  • Still your mind, rise above the multitudes of other human consciousness’s, and direct the Gaia’s Mind – Earth’s collective consciousness – to affect weather phenomena.
  • Tales of miraculous feats that were accomplished through time and space — From mystics and spiritual masters controlling the weather to teleporting armies of soldiers across the continent through fog — Understand why these tales may be more than just urban legends and how such feats of the miraculous are accomplished.

Chapter 2 Cloud Busting

  • Learn how focusing your mind on passing clouds can rapidly dissolve them and other applications that train you for more complex phenomena.

Chapter 3 The Arena of the Mind

  • You have more then one brain – In truth you have 3, each offering unique sensory abilities. The first is the brain in your skull; the second is in your chest center; and the third is in your abdomen… Learn how to identify and develop each to attain higher sensory perception, multi-dimensional consciousness and much more…
  • How unifying all three intelligences allows you to access reality and bend physics as we know it.
  • Space and time take on a new meaning when you fully understand and become one with the deep states of monks and where they secretly go.

Chapter 4 The Hidden Key

  • How a dying flower instantly blooming back to life holds the secret to affecting global consciousness.
  • How to evoke the “Keys” — The secret computer code to hacking reality allowing you to altered it by will.

Chapter 5 Dimensions: Walk With Me

  • Unveil and integrate with dimensional doors, entities, magnetic fields and more.
  • How the power of Aum’s combined with altered states of consciousness will unify with other dimensional beings that can sense your presence and join you harmonically.

Chapter 6 Cycles of the Soul

  • The bold truth about the human soul — Why only some have developed a soul and others have not.
  • Reincarnation works much more differently then you may think… Discover the unfiltered truth.
  • What karma really is and how you can change it.
  • How your thoughts and memories collectively become a unique frequency that sorts you out and determines your ability to access higher states of consciousness.
  • Recover memories of your previous lives — Or tap into someone else’s.
  • Awaken the wisdom you gained from the past into your present life.
  • A philosophical question is entertained: What would be the effects of cloning and cryogenics on the soul?

Chapter 7 Sex

  • The Controversial Truth of Sexuality — The common thread that binds enlightened masters of past and present.
  • How intimate relationships can both help and hinder your pursuit of Higher Consciousness or Enlightenment unless consciously controlled.
  • Harnessing the power of intimate Sex can ignite the soul or leave it frail and vulnerable.

Chapter 8 What Are You Waiting For

  • How society was designed to keep you from becoming enlightened… Simply acknowledging these facts will help you break out of the box
  • The secret to staying committed to your spiritual path – even when life gets in the way.
  • Eric, aka The Teacher, gives students a harsh reality check that ultimately motivates them to greater levels of phenomenon.

Chapter 9 Mayan Storm

  • What is the Dark-side and its agenda?
  •  How does it operate and manifest in this dimension?
  • An exploration of one of the planet’s chakra points — decoding the great myths, legends and history of places of power.
  • The ongoing battle between the noble and malevolent that is taking place all around you — A logical and scientific approach for a modern age.
  • Understand the neuro-system of the earth and The Universe… They are not only living, but have complex intelligences.
  • Scientific advancement and the effect of the forthcoming change of spirituality, religion and ultimately, for some, the path to enlightenment
  • The formidable and mighty ancient technique of Chuning that can be applied as an intense massive energy against the dark-side.

Chapter 10 Direct Manifestation

  • How to activate the simple power of a wish into reality.
  • The neglected components to manifestation… and how you can change your reality to manifest money, jobs, friendships, personality traits, experiences and more… Get precise instruction and application techniques.
  • The potential backlash of reprogramming reality… Learn how to carefully architect your manifestation and sidestep potential repercussions.
  • How manifesting money and wealth can rapidly evolve your spiritual journey… or overshadow it.
  • The dangers of expectancy… How to let go of expectation, why you must in order for it to become reality and much more…

Chapter 11 Discussions with Eric: Manifestation

  • How you expect things to work is often the reason why it doesn’t – Discover how to overcome the obstructions you will face when manifesting and how to craft your desire to precisely get what you want.

Chapter 12 The In-Between

  • DMT flows within the brain. Learn to release it naturally and enter the In-Between.
  • Practitioners describe their experiences in this state as similar to taking a hallucinogen.
  • Explore this very commanding state of consciousness that allows you to experience multiple realities all at the same time.
  • How to use the In-Between to increase your sixth sense and much more…
  • Practice makes perfect… The doorways to reality await you.

Chapter 13 In-Between Experiences

  • Eric’s personal students share some of their personal experiences after he guided them In-Between… Read these intense accounts in which the laws of physics seemingly bent and contact beyond earthly realms was achieved.

Chapter 14 The Hunt  

  • Enter The Hunt… It is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Entering the In-Between state of consciousness and exploring your surroundings and environment, you will discover a concealed and mysterious world that has always been around and affecting you.
  • The In-Between will greatly amplify all of your other techniques and experiences.

Chapter 15 Bending Reality

  • A multitude of first hand verifications from direct students of Eric who observed him enter profound states of consciousness… And witnessed intense experiences of extraordinary occurrences before their eyes, from walking through a wall to making a dying flower bloom back to life and much more…